MC Residential LLC. has been ranked nationally as the 13th best company for women to work for in the multifamily industry.  Awarded by Multifamily Leadership, MC is greatly honored to be recognized along with the other incredible companies that made the 2020 list.

Viewing the live-streamed award ceremony from their screens at home, it came as no surprise to MC’s employees that they were awarded such a prestigious ranking in this powerful award.  Their organization is dominated by driven female employees and executives at nearly every level of the company with their President and Partner, Lesley Brice, at the helm.  “We value the contributions of all of our employees and we believe putting people first naturally provides opportunities to both men and women in our culture.” MC Companies’ CFO, Vice Presidents of Operations and Marketing, and almost every member of their senior management team are women.

You may be asking what makes MC Residential LLC. one of the top multi-family companies for women to work for in the entire country – and Multifamily Leadership did just that.  In order to be considered for this award, over 40% of each companies’ employees must complete and submit an anonymous survey that asks a wide range of questions regarding their relationship and overall satisfaction with their employer.

The responses from these surveys made it clear that simply employing women is not what won this award for MC Companies, but their company culture.  At their core MC has an entrepreneurial heartbeat and pushes employees to constantly develop themselves not just professionally but also personally.  Each year the company holds their Employee Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona and spends two full days together working solely on personal development. Employee training is also conducted year-round to new and old employees alike to give them the tools they need to continue to grow professionally.

MC Companies is also notorious for their fierce dedication to giving back at the local and national level.  Their employee driven Sharing the Good Life Foundation facilitates the Employee Grant Program that allows every single employee to apply for grants up to $500 for any charitable organization they are passionate about.  MC understands that time is the most valuable resource you can ever give to someone, which is why they allocate every employee 16-hours of paid Volunteer Time-Off to volunteer at the charity of their choice.  On a national level, since 2015 MC Companies has also donated over $500,000 to Autism Speaks Walk in Partnership with SARRC, and over $150,000 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Winning this award is a great win for MC Companies and they have no plans on slowing down.  With their sites already set on 2021, MC Companies’ goal is to be the number one best company in the country for women to work for in the multifamily industry.